Moving My Blog :-)

Hello My Foxy Friends!

I’m currently in the process of moving my blog to namely because of the options for you to receieve an email every I post a new blog :-) Here’s the new blog link . Scroll to the bottom of the page and click follow, you’ll be able to subscribe to my posts there!

My blog format will be changing a bit, it will be a great mix of makeup reviews, behind the scenes info, health and food info, personal encouragement and more.
The biggest desire I have with this whole “makeup” thing is to use it to encourage others, and hopefully this will indeed be the case.
p.s. Great things are to come!
Heather Toler - Makeup Artist

Keep Calm and Don’t Look Busted!

As a makeup artist I often have events, premiers, and networking things to go to. When in attendance of these things it is my greatest desire to look amazing.


Sunday night I did a test run with a potential personal makeup artist and I must say I think she’s a winner. Check out our time together:

What do you think? Personally I love the look Mary gave me and was kind of sad I didn’t have an event to attend with here super on trend look!

In Light of Everything Going On….

Your awesome does matter.

I’ve spent the last few weeks trying to “flip my switch”, get inspired, find the motivation to be awesome….

It is hard, during hard times to see the value of your gifts, talents, creativity, but I implore you, in light of everything going on, your awesome does matter.

Do Something!

I’m saying this even more for myself today :-)

Keep Calm & Carry ON

This is a post of encouragement…

Dear You,

Keep going!

People don’t realize that there is a definite cost to success. Those who have ever pursued and won something great will tell you there was a cost. I’m writing this post to encourage you, who are in the middle of paying the cost, those who are considering and counting the cost, and to those who are coveting after the prize of those who have paid.

First things first… two quotes that have given me knowledge and inspiration:

“We pay a price for everything we get or take in this world; and although ambitions are well worth having, they are not to be cheaply won, but exact their dues of work and self denial, anxiety and discouragement.” - Lucy Maud Montgomery

 ”The highs are sweet, but the lows are challenging. Someone told me once, ‘The space that is carved with your sadness, will one day be filled with your joy.’ You don’t have the ability to fill up unless you’ve been cracked open.”  - Paula Newsome

I am blessed, yes i indeed am.


I have a great family, we all have our health.



I am a freelance makeup artist


I’ve worked with some great people. Hell this weekend I got to see my name roll in the credits, ON A BIG SCREEN



I’m blessed.


I’m creative


I’m funny


I’m freaking awesome…. yes I am


BUT there’s a cost to all of that.


For those coveting - please know everything I, you have, they have; everything we have chosen has come at a precious cost.

For those in the thick of it, paying the price - it all works out in the end.

For those considering the cost - it’s so freaking worth it.

Everything we have, will have, comes from a personal cost, a sacrifice, a willingness to sacrifice….. please know that yes… I am very BLESSED, we all are, don’t get it twisted.

BUT there was a cost, and I deem it hell’a worth it.



p.s. Keep calm and carry on.

p.p.s. Never EVER Give Up!